1. Today is Thug Kitchen’s one-year anniversary and we want to say thank you. Every day we are slammed with support from people all over the world sharing their appreciation, personal stories, and enthusiasm for good fucking food. It’s inspiring as fuck and to show our gratitude for y’all supporting us we want to give away some shit to help your ass in the kitchen. That’s right. IT’S OUR PARTY AND YOU GET THE FUCKING PRESENTS. How do you like that shit?

    One Grand Prize Winner: An 8 inch Shun Classic Chef’s Knife. This knife is so legit it will even cut your prep time, making you one efficient fucker in the kitchen. It’s so sharp you’ll wonder how the hell you ever cooked without it. 

    Three Runner Ups: Silpat Non Stick Baking Mats. Sticking can be a real pain in the ass when you’re baking. Forget using a bunch of oil or tin foil and try these sweet motherfuckers. Bake some cookies. Roast some goddamn veggies. I don’t give a shit what you use it for. These help avoid sticky messes and are also easy as hell to clean.

    Send us an email contest@thugkitchen.com with your craziest true story (honor system, motherfuckers) about a time you were breaking bread with someone and shit got weird real quick. Maybe somebody served you some bizarre shit. Maybe you fucked up dinner and tried to cover your ass. Whatever. Dazzle us and whoever has the best fucking story will have our sympathies and be crowned champ. Please keep your story under 300 words; don’t make us read a goddamn essay. Winners and their stories will be announced next Friday, September 6.

    We wouldn’t just give away some random shit that we haven’t tried. So that being said, trust that we not only use these items but WE FUCKING LOVE THEM; no doubt you will too. I bought the prizes myself so these are my fucking opinions and not a paid advertisement for any of these brands. Shit, they probably don’t even know about Thug Kitchen. Yet.

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