None of your fucking business

Make ricotta (boil 1 liter goat's milk, remove from heat, add juice of 2 lemons + pinch of fucking salt), cool and strain over night. Boil spinach, drain and squeeze water out. Next day, mix in finely chopped spinach with ricotta. Add mixture to a piping bag. Make pasta (1 egg/3/4 cup flour). Roll pasta out by hand or with a machine. (sea foto) Separate egg yolks from the white shit. (well, it's not really white, it's fucking clear okay) Use a cookie cutter to make slight indentations for each ravioli. Using piping bag, make a donut shaped ring with the ricotta. Place 1 egg yolk in each ring. Take another sheet of pasta and gently lay it over the egg yolks. Use cookie cutter to shape each ravioli. When ready, add to boiling water for 2mins. It's important not to over-cook the yolk. It should run out when the ravioli is cut. Serve with asparagus fucking spears or deep-fried shoestring potatoes.

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