Thug Thursday

Meatless Monday is for whims! At our house we are going balls to the walls towards Thug Thursday! My son gets to pick out the meal or recipe we will try every week from the new Thug Kitchen cookbook. I even let him swear a little  while we are cooking (he is only 11. I dont want phone calls from the principal just because I have the kid in the kitchen with his nose in this cook book! So I need him to still keep that shit to a minimum.) I plan on reviewing the recipes on social media and sharing the Thug Thursday love. Seriously, who wouldn't want to get in on that Shit! So join me in celebrating Thug Thursday.  Here is our first meal. I this isn't our own original recipe but I'm so fucking excited I don't care!  #thugthursday  

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    Well done! I have an 11 yr old man-child at home too and he loves this book! He and I both are learning what real food is all about, and it’s so awesome to see them get involved and getting excited about eating healthy.
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    That’s the spirit… That kid will end up right, cook right, eat right and he’ll end up the BOSS!
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