1. So you might’ve thought we’ve been slipping the past couple months with no new posts but we swear there’s a good fucking reason for the radio silence. We’ve been working our asses off on the book and now you can finally preorder your copy through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, IndieBound, or Books-A-Million.

    We know y’all have been patient and we really appreciate that shit. We’ve poured everything we can into this damn book and it’s taking some time to get that shit right. We didn’t want some half-ass book that looks like we just printed off a bunch of stuff from the site. Naw, we know you deserve better than that. So this book hits hard with 100 brand new, tasty as fuck recipes that are guaranteed to elevate your kitchen game.

    Stay tuned for more updates, behind the scenes shit, and all kinds of previews as we get closer to unleashing this beast of a book.

    The Thug Kitchen Cookbook is coming for you October 2014.

    Expect that shit.

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