1. five fucking ingredients in this bitch right here.

    look up how much that minute maid shit got inside it. high-fructose corn syrup? naw, son I don’t play that.

    hit this with some vodka though, different story. max relax.


  2. yongo said: instant crush on this sh!t right here

    shit, I know what you mean, I fucking love food too.


  3. trying out new recipes and shit


  4. Lately I’ve been eating tons of these mother fuckers, getting that Vitamin C up. Last week I went to the hospital for a flu shot and the doc was all like “Whoa you healthy as fuck, son. Blood pressure is all normal and shit.” and I told him “Like I give a fuck.” and then I paid my co-payment like a fucking boss.


  5. keep a bowl full of these rotund bastards in your fridge to snack on. raise them shits over your head when you eat and feel Roman as fuck.


  6. swiss cheese can go fuck itself. there’s no nutrition in holes.