SSSS sweet n spicy sassy shit!

2-3 large carrots Fresh garlic, at least 2 cloves minced or grated for even coating Any other veggie you want, green beans, radishes and beets are my fave. Fresh squeezed half lemon and lime juice 1-4 TBS of local honey, orange is good but plain is amazing too Bit o butter Sea salt & fresh ground pepper to taste Slivered almonds, walnuts optional, I don't always use them Coin up the carrots, and any other veggie option you choose Add bit o butter and juice of lemon to wok heat that shit up Add nuts if using and garlic to brown Add carrots and other veggies cook hot and fast al dente, add honey and lime juice and shut wok off, keep stirring to coat for about a minute then remove from hot burner Let sit a minute longer if they still need to cook (and they will always keep cooking if left in hot own or on hot\warm burner) Serve it up alongside Bulger cooked with salted lemons and an Arrogant Bastard beer

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