Where the fuck am I?


The only website dedicated to verbally abusing you into a healthier diet. That's where the Internet bus driver just dropped your ass off. Welcome to Thug Kitchen, motherfucker. 

What is Thug Kitchen?


This site is here to help your narrow dietary mind explore some goddamn options so that you can look and feel like a fucking champ. We hope readers reconsider what kind of behaviors they attribute to people who try to eat healthy. Everyone deserves to feel a part of our push toward a healthier diet, not just people with disposable incomes who speak a certain way. So we're here to help cut through the bullshit. Promoting accessibility and community are important as fuck here at Thug Kitchen. We've got a big table and everyone is welcome to it. 

How often do you post?


We try to post a new recipe every two weeks. If we don't post for a while, trust that we're working on some important shit. 

Do you respond to fan mail?


We do the best we can to respond to all the love people send our way. Sometimes we get slammed and can't respond to everyone but goddamnit we try. 

Are all your recipes vegan?


You bet your sweet ass everything we do is vegan. Every recipe on our site is completely plant-based. Most ingredients we use can be easily substituted for omnivores. 

Do you allow advertising?


You'll never find any banners, pop ups, or third-party advertising on our site. We don't do that shit. Occasionally we may run content about authors or products that we personally support but those posts will be clearly marked as such. 

Do you have a cookbook?


Not only do we have a cookbook, we have a series of 'em. Check out our cookbooks tab in the header of this page to see how the fuck you can get your hands on both. 

Is the cookbook available outside the USA?


The book is currently available in Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia. We're trying to distribute in other territories so if you can't get the book in your country just be patient, we're working on that shit right now. 

This is pretty fucking awesome, do you sell shirts or anything?


Hell yeah, you can visit our merch page for Thug Kitchen gear. Supporting our merch store helps us do community events and keep shit like advertising off the site. We often change products and do limited design runs so be sure to check that shit often.

How can I contact you?


Well what the fuck do you want? We stay pretty busy in the kitchen so email is the best way to reach us.

Literary inquiries can be sent to Inkwell Management.

US press inquiries can be sent to Rodale.

Canadian press inquiries can be sent to House of Anansi.

Merchandise inquiries can be sent to the Thug Kitchen Store.