Peach Galette

5" ball of your favorite pie dough

Approx. 2-3 cups of condensed peaches

2 shakes cinnamon 

1 good shake ground nutmeg

3 t. Water

roll pie dough into a round shape, making it as even a circle as possible.  It's ok of its not  perfect. Take time to roll the edges a bit thinner.   P

pour the peaches in the center hit it with the  spices.  

Wet the thinned edges and fold the free edges over the peaches.

The center should be open, the edges will have pleats about One inch or so deep.

 Lightly  wet the folded edges and dust with sugar.

bake in a hot 360 degree oven on parchment paper  Till crust is done. 

Add a sprinkling of powdered sugar to  fake the funk


When I do fruit pies, I cook down the fruit, condensing the juices.  The filling tends not to run all over when done I this manner

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