Best Bitchin Lasagna ever...

 One eggplant, one large green zucchini, one large red onion, one each sweet potato and russet, 1 C veg ricotta from your bad ass cookbook, 1 large can crushed tomatoes, 3 cloves garlic, 1 can good tomato paste, not that cheap shit!  Dill, celery salt, pepper. 

Slice onion and 1/2 half zucchini finely, saute with evoo and some dill, your taste...

Simmer (med/low)  tomatoes, paste and finely chopped garlic for one hour add some vegen butter if you have it.


Chop and boil potatoes till very tender, use a bit of the water and an immersion blender and whip the shit out of those taters till they look almost soupy,  This is your yummy cheesey like topping.  Add more vegan butter and vegan parm if you like.

Very thinly slice remaining zucchini and eggplant lengthwise, use one of those adjustable slicers if you have one!

Use a nice big pan add a bit of evoo and start layering tomato sauce, eggplant/zuchinni, onion mix, ricotta, a little potato mixture, a couple good layers should do, just make sure to save most of the potatoes for the top.  Pile it on top (somewhat evenly) and pop it in the over 375 or so for a little over an hour.  Brown up the top towards the end and enjoy!


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