Get off the damn couch and make me some sourdough

Don't be so fucking lazy.  It's not that hard.  Takes a few days, but mostly you get to sit on your ass.

For the STARTER:

  • Mix equal parts flour (1 or 2 cups) (any kind) and water and stir it up until it looks like thick pancake batter.
  • Place mixture in a glass, ceramic or plastic bowl.  
  • Cover with a cheesecloth, put on a shelf or other warm area in your kitchen. 
  • Stir the next morning and evening.
  • Next morning: dump half in the mixture in the compost and add 1 TB flour and stir. Repeat one more day.  
  • When bubbles appear naturally, it's ready to use so stop whining.

This bread's the shit:

  • Pour ~ 1/2 cup of sourdough starter in a bowl
  • Add equal parts flour and water (about two cups of each)
  • Wait 12 hours and put ~1/2 of the new bubbly dough back in your starter to replace what you took. 
  • Add ~4-7 cups of flour (any kind although rice will take more) and 1 Tb salt
  • Add other ingredients: 1/4 C. oil, 1/4 C. sweetener, some seeds, some cooked grains, whatever the fuck you feel like.  I'm not your boss.  Lightly kneed (should be slightly sticky... not too tough or it won't be nice and airy)
  • Let it rise for 6-12 hours.
  • Shape into a loaf, slit the top and bake that shit at 375 for 40 minutes.
  • Stop buying shit bread in a bag.

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